Business Friendly Environment

Responsive and forward thinking regulators committed to put in place legislation and make it business friendly. Government supporting startups via investment funds, grants and acceleration programs, and EU-wide recognition of Lithuania’s acceleration in e-government solutions offers a one-stop-shop for public information and services for business, a fast online system for the registration and payment of taxes, allowing the taxpayers file all tax returns electronically.

When it comes to company registration Lithuania has one of the shortest turnaround times in the world: the registration takes up to 1 day using e-signature! Also, the fact that Lithuania has a supportive business environment proves the numbers: our country has one of the lowest office rental and employee costs in the region.

Fintech friendly environment and infrastructure are one of Lithuanian strengths: extremely fast license issuing in EU, direct SEPA access, and strong institutional support such as regulatory sandbox that allows potential and existing financial market participants to test financial innovations in a live environment under the guidance and supervision of the Bank of Lithuania.

Lithuania is:

Among TOP 10 EU countries in ease of paying taxes
4th in the EU, on digital service for businesses 

39th of 141 - Global Competitiveness Index rank.

15th of 162 and 8th of 45 countries in the Europe - Economic Freedom of the World rank
#4 on The Global Fintech Index


2nd in the global startup ecosystem, in Eastern Europe