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Lithuania for you

Work Culture

Lithuania hosts a gradually increasing number international businesses. People come from different countries and regions to share their ideas in all kinds of contexts and languages, which makes our work culture truly inter- national.

Work-life balance

Expats claim that life-work balance is one of the main factors that brings them to Lithuania. In fact, Vilnius was ranked the 9th city in the world for work life balance (Business Insider, 2015). Thanks to our developed infra- structure we can offer fast and comfortable travel between bustling cities with a blend of greenery and a great variety of things to do are only a few minutes away.

International community

We are an open, tolerant and fast community with a growing number of expats, which has increased fivefold since 2010 (EMN, 2014).


Lithuania is a heaven of the internet with the fastest public Wi-Fi in the world (Rotten Wi-Fi tests, 2014) and #1 in the EU for fibre-to-premises penetration (Fibre to the Home Council, 2015). Trust us, you will have to try hard to find yourself offline.


The World Economic Forum in 2016 listed Lithuania as the 3rd best provider of mathematics and science education within the CEE, and as many as 6 schools in Lithuania currently offer the world accredited International Bacca laureate program. All of Lithuania’s major cities offer secondary education at International schools, and the country has universities in five of its largest cities.


We know that the Lithuanian language is not easy to master but do not worry - nearly everyone knows English and 50% of Lithuanians speak at least two foreign languages, which makes us the second most multilingual nation in the EU.


You would not believe how easy it is to travel around. Whether it is our amazing public transport system, taxis, bicycle, ride and car sharing ser- vices, you will always have plenty options to travel around. On top of that, our city-based airports will get you pretty much anywhere in EU and further.


The country has world class health infrastructure with the largest amount of physicians per capita in the CEE, many of who are multi-lingual and have had experience of working abroad. Lithuania also has a fully developed and extremely cost competitive private health care system which covers every- thing from general practice to specialised surgical procedures.


When it comes to leisure - Lithuania can offer almost anything you can find in the world’s busiest cities like London or New York City and a lot more. From world-class concerts to indoor skiing, from top-notch spa to seaside resorts, everything is just around the corner waiting for you to explore and enjoy.


According to a recent study by European Commision, we are 98% happy with life in Vilnius, making us the happiest capital in the EU!

Money matters

Whether it’s your daily cup of artisan latte, monthly public transport ticket or cinema tickets for two - Lithuania has the best quality for your money. According to the Mercer Cost of Living Index 2015, Vilnius is one of the five least expensive EU cities for expatriates to live in.


Lithuania is the world's largest country without locations above 300 meters. While we don’t have a single mountain, our beautiful wildlife is complimented with countless lakes, forests, rivers and even sand dunes. Our towns are amongst the most green cities in EU and we are breathing one of the cleanest air. Wherever you may find yourself, you will always be surrounded by well-preserved nature.