You can apply for a startup visa through an online platform instantly, and do not worry - it’s easier than you think. Follow 5 steps to get your startup visa.


Submit your application via our website. The online application will require you to fill out a form consisting of 4 basic parts describing founders, your team, product and strategy. You will need to provide basic personal info about team members, an overview of your startup product and development strategy. Upload a pitch deck, it’s mandatory. If you upload any additional information (such as CV, diplomas and other related information, which states your qualification) would be a plus!


Have an online video interview. If your application meets the basic requirements (innovation, high tech, potential for scaling), an interview time will be arranged and should take between 30 and 60 minutes. You are expected to pitch your idea for 2-5 minutes, like you would to potential investors. Afterwards, we will have a question /answer session. Some additional questions will be asked to understand the provided information better.


Evaluation by the Committee. Your application along with your recorded video interview will be sent to the independent evaluation committee. It is formed out of public and private sector representatives, all of whom have relevant background about startups. Standard evaluation period takes up to 15 days.


Migration Department. Once approved by the committee, you will receive an official confirmation letter from Innovation Agency Lithuania, stating that your business commits the requirements of the Law, on which it is based the Startup Visa program. This letter will be required by the Migration department when you apply for a temporary residence permit (TRP). You will have to submit the documents directly at the Migration department. Step by step process will be provided in case of approval of startup. IMPORTANT: the previously mentioned confirmation letter does not guarantee issuance of visa and (or) TRP. Only the respective authorities (e.g. Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania, the Migration department) that are entitled to issue/renew visas and (or) TRP, can make a final decision on arrival and staying in Lithuania. 



Start a business. Don’t worry! It’s easier than you think and the “Startup Lithuania” team will help you along the way. However you must officially establish the business in 120 days upon receiving your TRP and provide this information to the Startup Lithuania team.