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What is a Startup Visa in Lithuania ?

The Startup Visa is a new talent attraction scheme that provides a streamlined entry process to the Lithuanian startup ecosystem for innovative non-EU entrepreneurs to build, grow and compete in our booming international community.

Designed for innovative startup founders who wish to establish a startup in Lithuania, you no longer need to fulfill certain capital or employment requirements to obtain a residence permit. If your business idea is deemed suitable by our panel of experts, you will be able to apply for a temporary residence permit on such basis.

Your residence permit will allow you to live in the country for one year, with the possibility to extend for an additional year, after which you must meet general immigration requirements.

Who is eligible?

1) Your startup must operate in one of the following fields:

  • Biotechnologies
  • Nanotechnologies
  • Information Technologies
  • Mechatronics
  • Electronics
  • Laser Technologies
2) You must legally be at least a part owner of the newly founded firm.

3) You must have enough financial resources to achieve your set business goals for 1 year. There is no set regulated amount, you decide how much capital you need to achieve your 1 year goals.

If you are an EU citizen and want to open a business in Lithuania, you do not need a residence permit. Please check more information regarding starting a business here and immgration here .

What type of businesses are accepted?

From information technologies to robotics - we welcome all kinds of innovative businesses to Lithuania. If you are not sure whether your business is suitable, please do not hesitate to write us a message.

How is my business plan evaluated?

While everyone is available to apply if they meet the general requirements, your further eligibility will be decided by the evaluation committee based on these criteria:

  • How innovative is the idea or business model?
  • How scalable is the business model?
  • The team’s capability of starting and expanding the business
  • Reality of execution of set one year goals and two year strategy
  • The candidate’s role significance in the team
Startup Lithuania aims to attract the most innovative and competitive startups in order to grow and mature our current startup ecosystem. Therefore, the committee will evaluate your application based on the following criteria, giving each a score from 1-5.

Who makes up the evaluation committee?

Our evaluation committee is made out of public (40%) and private (60%) sector representatives - all experts in startups, innovation and business development.

What happens if my business plan is approved?

You will receive an official letter of confirmation that allows you to go directly to the Migration Department and apply for a temporary residence permit.

What happens if my business plan is rejected?

First of all, make sure that all of the information provided in your application is correct, complete and clear. We will stay in touch and help you submit additional information if needed. If your business plan gets rejected we will send an email confirmation with the reason explained. However, this should not scare you from developing your idea or business plan further and apply again.

Do I need prior investment to apply?

While prior investment definitely is an advantage, there is no need to worry if you are not there yet. You may apply with any funding you have, as long as it satisfies your planned 1 year activities and development. The good thing is - we let you set your own measures.

Does Startup Lithuania provide financing?

“Startup Lithuania” does not provide any financing, but we will get you in touch with our friends from venture capital firms.

Can I submit my application in my own language?

Only applications submitted in English or Lithuanian will be evaluated.

How much do I need to pay?

The application process is free of charge but you will need to pay for the temporary residence permit at the Migration Department. Depending on the service, regular or fast-track, it will cost you between 114 - 228 EUR. You can check the immigration service fees regarding Temporary Residence Permit of the Republic of Lithuania here: .