Developed Infrastructure & Innovation Environment

Science and technology parks are essential parts of the Lithuania startup ecosystem located in three different cities: Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda. Collaboration between science and business allows innovative startups to grow and develop their business much easier. Apply for virtual co-working space, take an opportunity to consult with lawyers, scientists, or business developers in one place, and be a part of a huge technology lovers community. 


Lithuania is 1st globally for public Wifi speed, 9th in the 4G availability and the 5th in National Cyber Security Index. ¼ of all students are enrolled in innovation related studies and there’s growing university-business collaboration. Governmental supports for R&D and worldwide spreading innovations make our country rapidly growing innovation hub. More tech parks are opening, providing office and co-working spaces and connecting business communities.


Lithuania is in the center of Europe and has 3 international airports that connect to any European capital in less than 3 hours. Meanwhile, the railway infrastructure connects all the major cities in Lithuania as well as neighboring countries. Lithuania’s location is perfect for accessing the EU market. Developed logistics infrastructure and the largest seaport in Baltic region ensures good connectivity and easy partnership with the rest of Europe.